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yoga asana

Yoga is for every body. It’s a myth that an inflexible body that can’t possibly get into a pose you see on Instagram should not take yoga. Yoga is not about how well you conform a body into a pose.

Yoga is about turning your attention from the world, from your career, from your relationships to tune into your body. Become aware of the tightness in your body as you practice poses and breathing into the tight spaces as you hold your body’s take on a pose.

toni b specializes in first time yoga students. All are welcome. Props and modifications are used to match what a body can do at the moment and hold proper alignment. toni b teaches hatha yoga so you’ll be shown the pose, directed through the pose that you will hold and practice proper alignment before we move onto the next pose. Meditation, singing bowl, and/or essential oils are used to enhance the hour experience.

To respect the health of all during a pandemic, classes are held outdoors at a local park in the East Valley. Students bring their own mat. If you have your own blocks and trap; please bring them. Classes are $12 each or sold in a packages of 8 for $90 via Venmo @ toni-tbrucato or via pay pal for toni b yoga. RSVP via text to 480-330-4018 and to receive directions to the park. Classes are held every Friday morning at 8 am.

In honor of International Yoga Day, there will be a free class on Tuesday, June 23rd and 8 am.

Have friends who always wanted to practice yoga? Gather two to eight friends for an outdoor yoga class at your local park. There’s opportunity for a Tuesday or Wednesday morning class.

toni b’s chair yoga for seniors residing in group homes or assisted living homes is temporarily suspended until a vaccine has been developed or until chair yoga can be practiced outdoors.

Sessions for senior care homes are $75 an hour which includes a facilitated group discussion on a timely topic designed to create group cohesion, asana while seated on a chair, guided meditation, and an occasional snack.