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yoga asana

Yoga is for every body. First time yoga students, the inflexible, the mature, the fluffy, and those aligning their gender identification with their physical body are welcome and a delight. Props and modifications are used to help with appropriate alignment for each pose.

Classes are sold in packages of 8 for $200 and each Hatha yoga class lasts for an hour. Benefits in the body and mind occur after 8 sessions. Pay $25 for the first lesson and decide to continue by paying $175 and scheduling the 7 classes within a months time.

Have friends who always wanted to practice yoga? Gather two to eight friends for asana in your backyard or home with a discount for the hostess.

Chair yoga for seniors residing in group homes or assisted living homes are available for $75 an hour which includes a facilitated group discussion on a timely topic designed to create group cohesion, asana while seated on a chair, and guided meditation.