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yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is a series of breathing exercises and visualization techniques that guide you into deep relaxation. As a result of Yoga Nidra, your body’s physiology is re-set while you laid down on a yoga mat or sat in a chair. Benefits of Yoga Nidra are a/an:

  • decrease in level of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • increase in “feel good” hormones which lower anxiety & depression.
  • increase in mental clarity.
  • slowing of the aging process.
  • improvement in digestion, elimination, and immune response.
  • increase in blood flow which impacts brain function
  • increase in neurotransmitters that regulate mood and promote cognition

Items needed to participate in Yoga Nidra are a:

  1. mat on which to lie
  2.  blanket (as your temperature will drop 10 degrees)
  3. pillow for your head and/or under your knees
  4. eye pillow/mask to block out light

Sessions are in increments of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour in a group setting. Private sessions can be booked to use a customized intention to target what you want to most shift in your life and/or to receive clarity on an issue.

Combat insomnia by purchasing a series of 11 sessions guaranteed re-train your body to relax and welcome sleep. This series was tested and found to be change the life of a first responder. Other Yoga Nidra series are: Overcoming Grief, Heal The Inner Child, Parent and Teen Bonding, and Return to Source to Unlock Your Creativity. Contact Toni B to plan out these private sessions.

Appointments are made by contacting Toni B directly at 480-330-4018.  Yoga Nidra is held at her home studio, K’é Main Street Learning Lab at 126 W. Main Street in Mesa on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm and will run to 11/18, or at your business/agency/organization.

Corporate Yoga Nidras are good for:

  • jump starting a campaign/project
  • team building
  • retreats
  • corporate wellness programs
  • increase productivity