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10 Reasons I Run: Can You Relate?

September 13, 2019, Author: Toni

There are a lot of reasons to fear running. I get it. I understand that running is not for everyone. However, I used to think that running was not for me AND I had feared running. I took a Chi-Running Workshop with Lisa Pozzoni at REI when they were located in Tempe and what I learned help me run with minimal damage to my knees. Pain in my knee is an indictor that my alignment is off and I concentrate on what I am doing and then I don’t feel pain. Here are some reasons why I, at 57 years of age, like to run:

I live in a safe neighborhood and I enjoy getting outside to run.

Running in my community allows me to see and greet my neighbors.

Running outside is free.

I am confident in watching a toddler because I have strength and vitality to rise to the occasion although it doesn’t prevent me from feeling exhausted afterwards.

I feel good about myself when I can readily get up and walk, sprint or run. This is especially true when I am spending time with younger people. It feels good to stand out for being “old” but in shape.

The fitness level that I have as a result connects me with not only my great nieces and nephew but with my elderly mom.  I can effectively push her in a wheel chair and take her out.

I enjoy food and running keeps my overall weight down.

I like how I look in clothing. I have body confidence and enjoy intimacy with my partner to a degree that I have not had when I did not exercise.

Joining 5 K runs is a form of entertainment and a social event. I feel good about spending my time in a running activity. I like getting together for dining and crafting with friends but it’s not my major focus and I prioritize movement. This helps me feel balanced. I have friends who will join me at the races and they are fun. I make a point in joining the ones that have music, food trucks, and shopping.

Finishing a race provides tangible evidence of accomplishment for all the hard work that I put in on a weekly basis and it feels darn good.

Why not join Lisa and I at Running For Scaredy Cats Workshop?