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10 Things To Do Before You Start Running- For Couch Potatoes

September 5, 2019, Author: Toni

If you’re like me and my friends, you saw Brittany Runs A Marathon and now Running and, at least, having the experience of race participation is on your bucket list. But, How do you start? Where do you begin?

  1. If you’re moving from inactivity to activity, it’s best to start with a physical. If you’ve foregone annual check-ups then this is especially important. Share your intentions with your physician and get cleared for activity. If there is a family history of heart conditions, you want to ask for a Stress Test in which your heart is monitored while you walk on a treadmill in varying conditions. Here’s info on what a stress test is.
  2. You will need quality running shoes. The best place to figure what style of shoe is best for you is the Road Runner Sports stores in the Phoenix area. They have two ways to identify shoe styles that match your needs. In store, they have a Perfect Fit imaging of your feet to determine how much your foot pronates as you walk or run. Your foot may turn in more or out and your shoe can help correct this through appropriate support. You can also get information from their Shoe Dog online questionnaire. Try the shoes on and buy a half size larger than a comfortable fit.
  3. A comfy AND supportive sports bra will serve you well. I fell in love with the colorful over the head sports bras and quickly fell out of love. It’s a bit of a struggle to get them on. I know I looked like a contortionist. Once sweaty, getting the bra off is a two person party. My 36B prefers the snap in the front bra. It’s much more comfy. Friends with sizes higher than mine, please comment below of the type of sports bra you love to help out our sisters.
  4. For those of us with flat feet, additional arch support is needed because running is a high impact activity. I have been super happy with the support provided through inserts from sole. feet did not fatigue when playing tennis with them. When I did use them, my feet tired quickly and I felt the impact. I have been using these soles for over a decade.
  5. If any bit of you rub up against another bit of you then I highly recommend butt paste. It will prevent any chaffing or rash that is likely to come.
  6. Download the app, C25K or C210K, from zen labs. It will direct your training by giving you intervals to walk and jog and help your body adjust to the new demand you are making on it. It’s called C25K or 10K Pro on the app store in both android and apple products.
  7. Put your intentions on social media and see whether there are like minded folks who want to join you in your effort to get healthy and push through mental and physical road blocks on your quest to move.
  8. Stretch before and after a run. The C25 or 10K apps give you a warm up but you need to stretch. Injuries occur because too much is done too quickly.
  9. Search YouTube for a Chi Walking or Chi Running video and take note the technique. It’s a technique that I use. When I feel pain in my knees, it’s a signal that I am off alignment.
  10. If you live in the East Valley then, consider joining Lisa Pozzoni from the Running University and I for how to walk or run by minimizing injury. First time runners are sought after and all bodies are welcome. Contact Toni or Lisa for a workshop.
  11.  Applaud yourself for moving and adding to your health and self-care practice. See you on the path!