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Daily Habits For Better Sleep

June 23, 2022, Author: Toni

We are officially in Summer! Our sleep can suffer for a variety of reasons: seasonal differences, biological, and environmental. The temperature of the intense heat can make it challenging to fall asleep and the earlier daylight may wake us up if our children don’t wake us up, eager to find out what will happen today. […]


7 Ways To Improve Your Quality Of Life

May 4, 2022, Author: Toni

Let’s take a closer look at Americans’ 7 worse habits. Looking at the list, I realized that if we did the reverse of the behaviors listed then we’d decrease stress and improve overall wellness. Improving wellness seemed like a relevant topic for May given this month is National Mental Health Month and we’ve been privy to […]


Put Money In Your Wallet By Reviewing 6 Habits.

April 1, 2022, Author: Toni

If you’re like two third of Americans, you’re living paycheck to paycheck and 77% of us feel anxious about having or being in a financial setback (CNBC). Although, historically wages have not been as high, the cost of living had the fastest annual growth over the past 40 years. Our new found wealth can’t keep […]


The C Word We Don’t Want Used To Describe Us

February 22, 2022, Author: Toni

During a recent Winter outdoor meditation and brainstorming session ( I live in Arizona), I got to thinking about habits and what makes one habit good and one bad. The definition of a habit was refreshingly simple; a habit is a behavior pattern.  The difference between a bad and good habit is whether the act […]


The Healing Effects of Impermanence

January 6, 2022, Author: Toni

As we enter into 2022,, I invite you to ponder the word “Impermanence” and how the concept relates to your life. Why do I invite this meditative activity? If, like me, your own emotions and thoughts caused you to suffer in 2021? Or, if you have the opinion that 2021 was the worst year ever […]


The Power of Winter

December 2, 2021, Author: Toni

A lesson that I learned while rafting down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon has stuck with me since our group attempted to pull another expedition’s boat off of a boulder in level 10 rapids. It was not wasted on me that our guides looked like Dads. They wore blue jeans and plaid short […]


7 Spring Time Tips To Sleep.

April 6, 2021, Author: Toni

My husband and I almost made it through the pandemic without contracting Covid-19. We had spent time in the Grand Canyon, remember my mother-in-law, who had passed away a year ago. Part of the healing process included a trip to Utah to visit my husband’s Aunt, who sounded like her sister and would likely be […]


Why this historical music video matters to you.

March 19, 2021, Author: Toni

Not a fan of Beyoncé or the genre of music she represents? Missed out on viewing her Grammy award winning music video like I did? Why am I posting the music video in my blog and why should it matter to you? As a Wellness Warrior, I believe that the music and lyrics uplift all […]


Toni B’s Top 10 Döterra Products

January 25, 2021, Author: Toni

I signed up to become a Döterra Wellness Advocate, their term for someone selling their products, in November 2018. I was in yoga teacher training and I was motivated to save dollars while building toni b. yoga. My intention, from the very beginning, was to use aromatherapy with my services. Aromatherapy has never been an […]


Yoga Nidra- Frequently Asked Questions

October 3, 2020, Author: Toni

Before I experienced Yoga Nidra myself; I had never heard of it so it’s not surprising that the people I meet are unfamiliar with yoga nidra. Often, those familiar with yoga nidra are often yoga teachers. What is often the case, those I meet share their or their loved one’s difficulty getting to sleep or […]