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Finding Direction Through The Medicine Wheel

August 29, 2019, Author: Toni

My personal mission is to live my best life.  For me, this means that I live with intention and awareness. I believe, as Dr. Chopra, points out, that what I attend to in life is what grows in my life. For example, if I focus on what I don’t have in life then this perspective will continually shadow all of my experiences. In contrast, if I focus on seeing abundance in what I receive then abundance in situations will color my experience. Within this philosophy comes the responsibility to become aware of the shadows in my life. I do this by taking the time to meditate, shine light on the shadows for awareness purposes, and to re-focus on what I want to attract. The over arching activity of this philosophy is the joy in being outdoors and ensuring I am connecting to nature on a consistent basis.

How do you orient yourself?

How do you refresh yourself?

Are you ready to try a new way to accomplish both?

Do you want to enhance your vitality and stretch into the uniqueness of you and what you have to give to the world?

Let me present a path for you to experience all of the above.

I am blessed to have found a fellow business owner and healer, Diana Gogan, with the same intentions and similar mission. We have combined our gifts and want to share ancient wisdoms that apply to modern life.

The Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel have their own energies, gifts, and challenges that will be presented   over the course of four separate events. Each individual event is a hike, suitable for beginners, that will address one direction. Each direction is represented in a hike in that direction from Phoenix. For example, the north direction will be talked about while hiking in the Cave Creek Regional Park, which is north of Phoenix. The South direction is represented through a hike in South Mountain Park and Preserve. The west direction, our first event, is represented through a hike in the White Tank Regional Park, and lastly, the east is represented through a hike in the Usery Mountain Regional Park. Each direction/event includes a restorative rest, Yoga Nidra, with an intention designed to guide you in the energy of the direction, followed by thoughtful journal prompts and place to jot down insights and awareness gleaned from the experience. Each experience is limited to twenty people to create a supportive learning community.

Registration is through Eventbrite. Click here There’s a special pricing package for all 4 events and to learn of all 4 of the directions. However, you can also register for each event individually.

You will know which trail in each park at which we will meet and each participant will have Diana and my cell phone numbers. We will gather at the trail head. Park entrance fee is included in the cost. The ranger will have your name.

Diana and I will provide leadership through the hike. Diana leads the hike and I am in last position to ensure everyone is following and  not at all because I hike slowly. The hikes are not intended to be fitness hikes. The hikes are intended for us to experience the direction and what opens up to us. The pace is suitable for photographers. Diana will stop at points throughout the hike for all to catch up and talk about the direction. Each hike is a mile or less. You will need appropriate hiking gear, water, and a snack. No one is left on the trail.

After the hike, we can use the available restrooms and switch gear (s) by get our yoga mats and anything needed to provide comfort while lying on the ground such as a pillow for under the head and/or legs, an eye mask, and a blanket. Settle under the sky to receive an intention setting 20 minute Yoga Nidra for the energies of the direction presented on the hike.

After your return from the celestial, you will have time to journal insights and aha moments gleaned from your experience. Set your intentions for the coming months until we meet for the next direction. Your own journals are welcome as are your own pens. We have journal prompts specific to each direction on one sheet of paper to begin spark your journey.

We will close the experience with time to share and exchange numbers either electronically via LinkedIn or the paper and pencil method on your journals.

Join us and our community as we learn and grow and rise to the women we are meant to be!

See you on the trail, Toni

To learn more about Diana Gogan, follow this link.