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Get to Know Toni B

August 22, 2019, Author: Toni

Toni B is a healer.

She began her career in social work and evolved into a certified family therapist, doctorate level clinical psychologist, school psychologist, and now is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and facilitator of Yoga Nidra in the Amrit tradition.

She loves to break pre-conceived notions of who a yoga teacher is, what they look like, and who they serve. If she can practice yoga in an older and fuller figure than so can you.

Toni B is radical in that she promotes naps. She knows that energy is finite and do honor the body as our faithful companion, we need to rest and restore. She hosts Yoga Nidra to re-balance the body’s physiology and de-stress for optimal health and to re-teach the body to rest.

She delights in opening the door to possibility in your life through vision board workshops, yoga nidra, events and activity in nature, and connecting positive people and building community.

To hear Toni tell you what lights her up, check out this video.

If you need deets about my background, check out Toni B’s LinkedIn profile

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