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May 2020

April 20, 2020, Author: Toni

Beginning Hatha Yoga Classes Coming To A Park Near You!

toni b’s 60 minute beginning yoga classes go outdoors.

Use your own equipment.

You’ll need:

  • a mat
  • a strap
  • two blocks
  • a mask

Have the confidence that only you use your equipment,  it’s stored in your own home, and you know how to properly care for it in the time of “the corona.”

Yoga is not about how well you you already get into a pose. Yoga is about giving time to allow your body to stretch and allowing time to see what happens. Yoga is about aligning your breathe to your movement, scanning your body for proper alignment, and holding the position to breathe into the tight spaces and ultimately create more space within the tight muscles. Every body is different and respected.

Class process is I show you proper alignment in the pose, you see what your body does, hold it till you bust a sweat, and we may do it again.

There is no music. Your breathing becomes your music and you are taught what to scan for and attend to in your own body. Yoga is for every body and the time to start taking yoga is today.

Class size is limited to 9 students. Contact toni to join or start a class near you.


Yoga Nidra is available for Zoom Gatherings


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