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Something New!

December 5, 2019, Author: Toni

It has served me well to walk through open doors and invitations. Most of the time, I have not dreamed a particular dream for myself. When given a coax or cajoled into an idea, I have not had a vision for what is being proposed to me. What I had was an inner spark that what was being offered, if it was “good”, was from Spirit/God and what could I loose from moving forward? Looking back, moving toward open doors is how I rafted down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, how I moved to Arizona, and how I became a doctor of psychology. The most recent open door is being a contributing author of a book on kindness.

Today only, you can download the book, Kindness Crusaders, for FREE. Click here to download.   I used my words as a homage to my parentage and to my parents. Without their kindness, I would not be where I am today. Today, in kindness, appreciate where you have come from and dare to create your tomorrow.