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Tuesday Night’s Virtual Guided Meditation- Yoga Nidra

November 18, 2020, Author: Toni

Feeling stressed? Not getting enough sleep? Is your sleep score “Fair?” De-stress, relax, and even sleep with a virtual guided meditation via Zoom. Let this event be a part of your wind down activity and begin to train your body to surrender to sleep. Join me every Tuesday night at 7 pm MST. Can’t make […]

Outdoor Yoga

October 16, 2020, Author: Toni

Join us on Friday mornings for an hour of deep breathing (with your choice of an essential oil), mindfulness, and beginning yoga. This event is held outdoors in a northeast Mesa park. Bring your own mat. You’ll be given the location after payment or texting toni b ( 480-330-4018) that you will attend. Cost is […]

Calendar of Events

May 2020

April 20, 2020, Author: Toni

Beginning Hatha Yoga Classes Coming To A Park Near You! toni b’s 60 minute beginning yoga classes go outdoors. Use your own equipment. You’ll need: a mat a strap two blocks a mask Have the confidence that only you use your equipment,  it’s stored in your own home, and you know how to properly care for […]


Toni B reached Master Facilitator in Yoga Nidra.

November 15, 2019, Author: Toni

What is Yoga Nidra? An auditory tool used to de-stress you.  When you can’t meditate on our own and quiet your mind, Yoga Nidra can. As a leader, I verbally guide you with how to breathe and what to visualize. Ultimately, you will be conscious of what I am saying and deeply relaxed. To some, […]