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Put Money In Your Wallet By Reviewing 6 Habits.

April 1, 2022, Author: Toni

If you’re like two third of Americans, you’re living paycheck to paycheck and 77% of us feel anxious about having or being in a financial setback (CNBC). Although, historically wages have not been as high, the cost of living had the fastest annual growth over the past 40 years. Our new found wealth can’t keep […]


The Healing Effects of Impermanence

January 6, 2022, Author: Toni

As we enter into 2022,, I invite you to ponder the word “Impermanence” and how the concept relates to your life. Why do I invite this meditative activity? If, like me, your own emotions and thoughts caused you to suffer in 2021? Or, if you have the opinion that 2021 was the worst year ever […]

Outdoor Yoga

October 16, 2020, Author: Toni

Join us on Friday mornings for an hour of deep breathing (with your choice of an essential oil), mindfulness, and beginning yoga. This event is held outdoors in a northeast Mesa park. Bring your own mat. You’ll be given the location after payment or texting toni b ( 480-330-4018) that you will attend. Cost is […]


10 Reasons I Run: Can You Relate?

September 13, 2019, Author: Toni

There are a lot of reasons to fear running. I get it. I understand that running is not for everyone. However, I used to think that running was not for me AND I had feared running. I took a Chi-Running Workshop with Lisa Pozzoni at REI when they were located in Tempe and what I […]