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Toni B’s Top 10 Döterra Products

January 25, 2021, Author: Toni

I signed up to become a Döterra Wellness Advocate, their term for someone selling their products, in November 2018. I was in yoga teacher training and I was motivated to save dollars while building toni b. yoga. My intention, from the very beginning, was to use aromatherapy with my services. Aromatherapy has never been an add on charge. To me olfactory delight is a must for vision board parties, guided meditation, and yoga. Essential oils truly promote wellness though deep breathing. In the past three years, I have been reluctant to promote any products because I did not test them myself or know of someone who benefited from them. It’s taken experience to know what has resonated well with myself and my clients. Here’s a list of my favorites: what they are and how I use them.

  1. Air-x
  2. Peppermint Beadlets
  3. On Guard foaming soap with dispenser, On Guard Spray
  4. Clary Calm roll on
  5. Spearmint
  6. TerraShield spray
  7. Adaptive roll on or essential oil
  8. Deep Blue cream
  9. Citrus Bliss essential oil
  10. Breathe essential oil


Air-X, Citrus Bliss, Breathe, and Adaptiv are all essential oil blends uniquely created by Döterra and they come in 15 ml bottles. Essential oils in this form are easily morphed into other product forms. Most popular is adding a few drops in a diffuser, at home or in your car. I wear natural stone beaded bracelets by Humble Jewels, a local company that provides employment to a refugee family, with one lava bead that hold the scent. Jennifer, a warm and generous woman and owner of Humble Jewels, is currently showcasing malas, a necklace used for meditation, she can also sells bracelets. She uses the stones similar to what you will see on her website that are used for malas. Check her out at  I add a few drops of an essential oil onto the lava bead on days when I am away from my diffuser. I can make a room mist out of any of 15 ml bottles and send them to you if you do not currently diffuse or don’t think your work space would allow a diffuser.

1-Peppermint beadlet is a small drop of peppermint essential oil in a tiny, dissolvable bead that you drop in your mouth. It quickly bursts and your breathe is minty fresh. I use this for obvious reasons.

2-On Guard soap is in a Döterra dispenser in my kitchen and bathrooms. I love the scent, the rich and creamy texture of the foam, and, most of all, I love that the soap quickly cuts through grease on my hands yet keeps my hands soft. The scent reminds me of chai tea because it has a richness, spiciness, and complexity. On Guard essential oil blend comes in many forms and one of them is in a spray. It cleanses your hands when on the go. I keep on in my car in case I am eating on the go.

3-Clary Calm roll- on is my daily “perfume.” When I am under stress, it’s like catnip to me.

4-Terra Shield spray is a repellent for mosquitos. It does not work against bees. I use it when hiking, golfing, or camping.

5-Adaptiv is a scent that has been marketed by Döterra to decrease anxiety. It comes in capsules, 15 ml bottle, roll on, and mist, in the holidays. My clients seemed to prefer this fragrance when relaxing and de-stressing from the day. It’s a roll on and can be used on the go to promote calmness.

6-Deep Blue is a cream that is rubbed on sore and tired muscles. I use it on my knees after a run, my shoulders when I have been clenching them, or have sore muscles from yoga. I have a client who refers to the cream as “blue magic.” Deep blue also comes in a 15 ml bottle and roll-on but I always sell and use the cream.

7-Citrus Bliss has been my go to scent to make a room mist for use in the vision board parties. It is wildly received because of it’s uplifting scent.

8-Breathe is my most chosen essential oil, especially during summer months, as it promotes the respiratory system.Breathe comes in throat lozenges.

9-My new fave is Air-X, a newly released fragrance that my clients have not had opportunity to try it.

10-Spearmint is awesome! I put a few drops in the water of my water pik, a liquid flossing machine, and put a few drops onto my toothpaste before brushing. I love the effect of the oil on my teeth and I swear it keeps my teeth white.

You can check out these products and support toni b by purchasing here.

By the way, I have committed to sharing my favorites this year and holding monthly promos. Tip- Check my Instagram account, tonibdiscover, the first week of every month and see the giveaway. When you try a product, let me know about your experience!