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Welcome, Fall!

September 23, 2019, Author: Toni

Just as you change your wardrobe to accommodate the change in temperature and climate, change is needed in your daily hygiene practices. Here’s why.

From the first day of Fall, September 23rd, till the end of October, Halloween, we are in a transition period. The transition is from the warmth of the summer to the coolness or darn right friggin cold of the winter. Our digestion needs help to maintain our vitality.

Foods impact your digestion and cause an excess of mucous that harbor viruses that can lead to sinus infections and colds. The food choices you make help dry up the mucous or allow your body to go down the road of creating mucous.

Here’s how we know that our body has too much mucous:

  • Our skin, lips, nasal passages are dry.
  • We experience bloating, gas, or constipation.
  • Our ears ache.
  • We are restless, depleted, and weak.
  • We may have trouble concentrating and are forgetful.
  • We may experience nervousness, anxiety, and fear.

What can we do? We can:

Eat fresh, late summer harvested fruits such as green apples and pears.

Add cinnamon and pumpkin pie spices to the fruit.

Drink black or ginger tea and add spices.

Eat warm and hearty soups or stews for dinner.

Make dishes with acorn squashes and add a favored protein.

Exercise daily.

Practice alternate nostril breathing, Nadi Shodana. I will post a video on how to breathe with alternate nostrils.

Protect your nasal passages with Nasaya oil. I purchase my oils and herbs from Banyan Botanicals, a firm from New Mexico that uses organic and sustainable ingredients.

Practice restorative yoga.

Have clothing with you that keep you warm against the natural elements.

Add self massage to your daily routine by massaging your body with an organic sesame oil. An option is to scent the oil with a calming essential oil blend. Then, bathe or shower yourself. The oil will nourish your body from the outside in and provide a protective layer against the elements. You will like how your skin feels afterwards. Trust me.

Splurge with a seasonal bath bomb from a company using organic products. I buy mine from Luxious Lemon.

Invest time and effort in your relationship with your partner. Consider creating a Fall Ritual by incorporating these Fall practices together. For example, massage each other with the sesame seed oil and bathe or shower together. Give each other the Nasaya oil in the nostrils.

Practice grounding through meditation and prayer, keeping a gratitude journal, and appreciating your daily accomplishments, especially noting your efforts at self-care.

Review your journal and your daily efforts and pay attention to what you harvested with your actions.  Happy Planting!