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Why this historical music video matters to you.

March 19, 2021, Author: Toni

Not a fan of Beyoncé or the genre of music she represents? Missed out on viewing her Grammy award winning music video like I did?

Why am I posting the music video in my blog and why should it matter to you?

As a Wellness Warrior, I believe that the music and lyrics uplift all women who’s beauty has been overlooked and diminished.

Have you ever:

  • taken second seat to a family member and had their virtues been praised and nothing was said about you?
  • been overlooked for participation in photos because your beauty was not paralleled to the rest?
  • had derogatory words said about you because of your very being? your ethnicity? race? culture?
  • had a whole community take a side against you for the difference that you represent?
  • felt less than because of your weight, your breast size, your complexion, your hair texture, your accent, shape of your eyes, missing a limb?
  • felt fear for your safety because someone has targeted your community for violence?

If any of the above circumstances have resonated with you then I defy you to listen and watch this video without a dry eye.  While Beyoncé’s intention has been to uplift dark skin and leave a legacy for her daughter, I believe the message and art transcend the specificity and uplift all women who’s differentness has left them marginalized. The message empowers all mothers who have witnessed the pain in their daughter’s eyes from feeling “different” and “less than” and what you wish you could do to show your daughter(s) their inherent, God given beauty.  I welcome you to:

  • Allow the intention of “I am beautifully and wonderfully made” color your consciousness.
  • Embrace the regal nature of this song and walk with dignity.
  • Visualize natural, spiritual pearls around your neck that allow you to be present.
  • Make choices that honor this abundant beauty within.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!



Comment on your impression of the music video. I believe it’s equal to art, it speaks to each viewer differently.