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yoga asana

Yoga is for every body. Yoga is about turning away from the external as you tune into your own body. You listen to your body as you move into a pose by supporting it with what it needs to stretch beyond it’s current limit and stay in proper alignment. You learn to align your breathe with your movement which automatically relaxes you as you learn to control your breathe. You are motivated to deep breath in Toni’s class by inhaling your choice of essential oil. Toni sells Döterra therapeutic grade essential oils.

toni b specializes in first time yoga students who describe themselves as inflexible and may even say that they “can’t do yoga.” Typical students are between the ages of 40 to 80 and delights in helping them develop body awareness.

Often, students ask Toni how to integrate meditation into their lives. Her planner, The Intentional Planner, provides affirmations and intentions on a weekly basis with which to meditate. Purchase your planner

Toni teaches a Hatha style of yoga, which means students will hold a pose for longer before moving into the next pose. Each pose is demonstrated by Toni first and as you move into the pose, Toni provides verbal cues with how to get into proper alignment. Classes are typically small and intimate to provide customized instruction as well as include meditation, visualization, deep breathing/pranayama, and essential oils within the hour experience.

Where: Classes are held outdoors at a northeast Mesa park or on demand at your East Valley home. During a pandemic, students bring their own mat. It’s a bonus if you have your own blocks and strap. However, supportive accessories such as blocks and straps can be provided.

Cost: Classes are $12.  Text 480-330-4018 to r.s.v.p. and to receive directions to the park. Classes can be paid for in advance and purchases in packages, 5 for $50 via Calendly on this website. You can pay in person when you attend class.

When: Classes are held on demand. Text toni when you’d like to start. Typically, there are classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7 am. However classes can be determined between you and Toni to best meet your needs.

Have friends who always wanted to practice yoga? Gather two to eight friends for an outdoor yoga class at your local park. There’s opportunity for weekday morning or afternoon classes. Complete a contact form or schedule time in calendly to collaborate.

toni b offers chair yoga for seniors unable to sit or lay on the floor.  Chair yoga can be provided in private group or assisted living homes.  Sessions for senior care homes are $75 an hour which includes a facilitated group discussion on a timely topic designed to create group cohesion, asana while seated on a chair, guided meditation, and an occasional snack.